First Time Visiting a Chiro? No Worries!

So you’re finally getting around to looking after your spinal health! Congratulations.

Now that science has proved we’re living longer, we need to several steps towards taking better care of our bodies.

First things first.

  1. Make a booking HERE. - its super simple and super convenient.

  2. Arrive 15 minutes early so that you can fill out the New patient paperwork. Nothing too scary here, we just gather a few details to ensure that we can tailor your experience to suit your personal needs.

  3. YOU'LL meet the family chiropractors! They are a lovely bunch of caring compassionate people who will run through a complete check of the following:

  • Spine & Nerve System Evaluation
  • Posture & Range of Motion Exam
  • Neurologic and Physical Testing
  • Spinal X-Ray and Full Diagnostic Assessment  (when necessary)

They’ll also look at important factors such as your nutritional intake and sleep pattern, to understand exactly where your body is at.

And that is it - easy as that, you’re all done for you first visit.

You get to return home WHILE the CHIROPRACTORS are put to work, compiling your results in order to make the best possible recommendation.  

Heres what to expect on your second visit

A consultation with your CHIROPRACTOR in which they will cover:

  1. A review of your results, explaining your posture and any other factors that came to light in your previous consult. Your CHIROPRACTOR really wants to ensure that you have a clear understanding on where exactly your spinal health is.

  2. Then, the CHIROPRACTOR will run through any questions or queries.

Your Chiropractor will also advise on the many options you can choose from to maintain your spinal health and will assist in continuing to keep you and your family well with ongoing wellness and supportive care.

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